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New! Evaluating Professional Development Resources: Selection and Development Criteria (2003) PRO-NET 2000

This publication introduces and describes criteria which provide a framework for programs to assess the viability, quality, and appropriateness of professional development resources and to guide in the development of new resources. With many train-the-trainer modules, how-to guides, e-learning courses, monographs, research reports, and other guides or materials to choose from, strategies are necessary to thoroughly evaluate these resources. The criteria are divided into four primary categories: Appropriateness of general content, Appropriateness of design and delivery, Quality of research base, and ease of adoption/adaptation. Date: 9/17/2003

Currently Available! Learning Disabilities in the Workplace (2003) Mary Ann Corley & John Tibbetts

Individuals with learning disabilities often experience frustration in today’s workplace, particularly if the work environment is not sensitive to their specific learning needs. With the right accommodations and supports, however, persons with LD can meet with success on the job and become valued employees. This module addresses the effects of learning disabilities on performance in the workplace. It identifies the rights and responsibilities both of workers and employers related to LD issues, and it presents examples of “reasonable accommodations” for workers with LD. Finally, the module addresses the importance of self-determination, self-advocacy, and disclosure to successful workers with LD. Date: 5/6/2003.

Currently Available! An Introduction to ESL in the Workplace (2002) Judith Crocker, Renee Sherman, Michael Dlott, & John Tibbetts.

An Introduction to ESL in the Workplace is a two-session train-the-trainer workshop. Through a series of activities, handouts, and transparencies, the module identifies the unique characteristics of Workplace ESL and examines the various stages of planning, implementing, and evaluating workplace ESL programs. The module also includes a readiness guide for programs to complete before starting a Workplace ESL program.



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